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Holiday Home Tour 2017

Ahhhhh, Christmas. The bright lights.. the big tree.. the wrapped presents... the fights debates over politics and immigration during Christmas dinner..Yes, no other holiday can compare! Christmas is by far, my favorite holiday. Ironically enough, not because of the presents (really hope somebody bought me these purple Pradas though), but because of the special and hilarious time spent with my family and friends- eating, drinking, cheating at Tombola, and just generally having a good time with my favorite people. There is no better feeling than winning everybody's money at Tombola, while stuffing a piece of Panettone in my mouth but, I'm getting off topic here. Back to the tour- this is the second stop on Saher's from HouseHausHome, Holiday Home Tour -5 Styles of Christmas! WOOOOO! There will be a different blogger featured each day this week- so make sure you check back daily! For this year, I didn't have a specific style in mind for my decor exactly- I just knew I w…

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