Dresses....some of us love them, some of us hate them. I fall into the "I rather wear pants, but have a closet full of dresses" category. I know some of you are with me on this. But- while I would love to wear more of my fantastic dresses, the fact is that I live in NYC, I'm always rushing somewhere, most likely to take the subway, and I also hate shape wear, especially in the summer when its hot and you want to wear a dress, but don't want to throw that Spanx on. Its a complicated love affair. Which brings me to my next point...why let those fabulous dresses collect dust? Or be crushed in a closet full of clothes (looks around guiltily), never to see the light of day? Or hug that booty you've been working on? Whats a girl to do? Technically, you could clean out your closet and do that whole Marie Kondo thing -but I like options, and by that I mean my 767579202846923 dresses and fur coats, so I'm not doing that. However, I am planning on re -doing  my closet, but that's for another post. But, I will tell you what lead me to this decorating with dresses thing. I love me some vintage fashion, I love fashion period. But vintage has a special place in my heart, the originality or uniqueness of a piece cements that for me. And I come across lots of good vintage while I'm hunting. I'm talking 60's mod florals, or lacey, gauzy, romantic gowns, 80s leather pants and so on. Its often love at first sight, until I realize its not my size or it has some other issue, then cue the waterworks. The scenario was the same this weekend, while I was browsing the Soho Housing Works location and found an amazing ombre, hot pink, gorgeous, vintage dress. But then the scenario switched up. Because I absolutely LOVE this dress, and even though I cant even fit one leg in, I LOVE IT. And what do I do when I find something I love? I buy it. May be crazy, may be stupid, but it makes me happy. And that's all I care about. Just like those endless candle holders we buy because we like them, or all those trays we have, and bookends, statues, bowls, lamps, and other tchotchkes, why cant I buy a dress that makes me happy when I simply look at it? And why cant I hang it on a piece of furniture or a wall, so I can look at it constantly, just like I would a painting I love, or a rug, or a piece of fabric? The concept is the same, just switched up. Let me convince you...

Over a gallery wall perhaps? Patterned chairs and leopard  #YAS


Rachel Zoe loves her pink Balenciaga in plain view of her office

How beautiful is this dress and its pop of yellow in this otherwise subdued space?


Hanging over a door, or from a lamp, or on a wall

Jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann displays her favorite pieces as inspiration all over her home; over art, on walls, books, and even her pin board

Cat Deely has an affinity for vintage frocks and mirrors

Rachel Roy likes her dresses and her unmentionables right next to her books  

A skirt, over art, between windows, over the mantle #Statement

And my absolute favorite it girl who showcases all her collections out in the open with 0 fucks given, Linda Rodin

Now, I know that most of these inspiration pics and articles are from women in the industry, but you don't have to be a fashion girl to showcase your favorite dress. And it may not be the most practical, especially if you have children. But I'm not saying take everything you love out of your closet, or hang your dresses and bras from your hallway chandelier, or display your shoes on the stove-  I'm saying take maybe 1-3 of your favorite pieces, whether it be a white fur coat (me), a hot pink vintage dress (also me), or holographic sequined shorts (definitely me), and possibly hang them on the outside of your closet door, or from the curtain rod in between your windows. Nothing super extreme, but a place where you can regularly see it, enjoy it, or use it as decor for that pop of color or pattern. You can even switch out the pieces based on mood, or color, etc, the objective is- to display something that makes you happy, simply from looking at it. So, what do you think about decorating with dresses; Slay or Nay?



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